Do you also get this uncomfortable feeling when you are asked to tell something about yourself? Why is it that lots of people get this feeling when they talk about positive aspects of themselves? Hardly able to suppress adding: ‘But don’t worry, I have a lot of unpleasant sides too!’ So, how do I think to display a right and realistic impression of myself? I consider myself an open book, so when you continue reading till the end you will at least know more about me than you do now. And you may be more curious about who I was, who I am and how I would like to keep developing myself.


This is maybe the essence. I find it very interesting to know who someone is, where he or she comes from and how someone is developing him- or herself. So, in fact, I’m also very curious about myself. I’ve got to laugh while typing this, because indeed curiosity is part of being me: always curious how something works, what the impact of something is, what is to be found in the layer behind. So you will understand that I get an energy boost from new things. Because I’m so curious I try to be open minded and enthusiastically try out quite some new things. From meditating in a Buddhist monastery, to spending long evenings out on the dance floor.. The downside of being curious is that I always want to know or ask a lot of things. My head sometimes keeps running. So I’m the kind of person that needs to bite on her tongue ten times during a conversation, because I find it important to genuinely listen to somebody. I don’t always succeed, but I quite manage to be less on the talking side. I will keep on doing my best.

I try to create as much moments of joy as possible for myself and people surrounding me. I can hear you thinking, moments of joy? I’m sure you know them! Those moments in which your eyes shine in happiness. Think about the last time you had these and you will know exactly what I mean.. Does it bring a smile onto your face again?

Recently I was in Rotterdam for a training where a man whom I didn’t know said to me at the end of the day: ‘Wow! Your eyes can shine so brightly, it looks as if you carry small lights in them..’ We had a nice little chat for a while: ‘Well, thanks for the compliment! I call these moments ‘moments of joy’ and when I see the same sparkle in other people’s eyes, it makes me happy!’ ‘Me too’, the man said, and our chat ended with a smile..

There is also a superlative in ‘moments of joy’. A feeling of ‘WOOOWW’. Those I call ‘moments of heart jumps’.

I’ve learned that my chances of having those moments of joy and heart jumps increase with an increase in freedom, respect, growth, happiness, creativity, rest and positivity. From that insight come my passions of dancing, photography and travelling!

For now my blogs will consist of two parts: travel blogs (stories from previous trips) and the blogs ‘On my way’. ‘On my way’ in the sense of who I am as a person, but also on the way to go on my worldtrip in 2018. I’m someone who really enjoys being ‘on the way’ as well.

So how nice would it be if I could create some extra moments of joy to myself and to others? My quest is to try and follow my heart more and more, to express who I am and to care less about what other people think. Recognizable?

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