I’ve described I was in a turbulent phase of a long lasting relationship when I left for Uganda. On the way back I was sure it was over.

So seeing each other again was emotional. I felt very sad for one day and after that more rest came in. We’ve had 6,5 fine years. But sometimes things take a different way..

Uganda helped me to realize this. Being healthy, living in a house and having dear people around is a way of being rich in itself!

This is my favorite picture. For me it symbolises life in Africa: be creative with what you’ve got.

I took care with all my heart and was surprised how calm and objective I was in certain emotional circumstances. At home it wasn’t easy when I heard that baby Esther was not doing well and that things were getting worse after I had left. To be so far away was difficult, I felt powerless. She had fought, but after two weeks she died as well, unfortunately. Bizarre! At home I lit two candles for the two twin sisters..

Apart from baby Esther I’ve heard about the decease of several children (young and older) and auntis at Amecet in recent years. Life in Africa is tough. In Holland I’ve also experienced the loss of several people (young and old). So I feel inspired by the phrase: ‘Celebrate life every day..’ So I replaced ‘our’ piece of art on the wall at home – as we were not together anymore – with the picture below:

My hand and baby Esther’s hand together. And the sentence in Soroti’s Atessa dialect: ‘Nunuakonyjarinaginiparani..’, meaning ‘Celebrate life every day..’

All this has formed me into the person I am today.. Everyone has his or her own experiences that creates who you are. I like that…

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