At times something can happen that brings a whole new turn in your life..

This time something unexpected made my heart jump for a period of 24 hours!I wanted to yell ‘Yesss!! Whooooo!!’ Then you are suddenly so sure about something that all the previous doubts no longer exist.. 

We (the nice man and I) kept in touch and appeared to have similar ideas about a lot of things. This created a happy feeling in me for a longer period, which is rare. Maybe I will write a blog about it one day..

After a few days I left for Sri Lanka for one month and so we went our own way. One of the big advantages of travelling solo is to have nothing and no one on your mind. During that month we had contact only a couple of times and shortly after my journey he went abroad to a friend.

His last holiday week he spent on the coast of Zeeland in a camper. He invited me to stay for the night (we are not 15 anymore, are we? ;)). After two months we would see each other again. No nerves at all, I really wanted to see him again! We had 20 very cosy hours, as if I was in a wonderful bubble for a while. And I love camping! The short walk to brush your teeth, the cosy feeling and being outdoors. Great! He joked: ‘How can we ever get over this and Gent?’ which I answered jokingly: ‘Well, let’s stop at the climax then!’ We were both not looking for a relationship, we enjoyed the feeling of freedom and took it easy. The sentence ‘We’ll see’ appeared in almost every conversation.

We have seen each other again after one month and after that on an ordinary Wednesday evening (November 2, 2016) THE app came.. First he sent an article entitled ‘Couple has been travelling the world in a camper for 8 years’. And next: ‘Are you joining me?’ The feeling I got is hard to describe. As if an energy bomb exploded, my heart jumped heavily. The only thing I sent back immediately was ‘Yesssssssss :-)’ My second app was ‘My heart jumps when I read such stories!’ But what was his intention behind the message actually?

The nice man indicated that he was serious about it. And so it led very quickly to making concrete plans in terms of: if you want something, there’s a way, let’s first save a sum money for one year, we can earn money on the way too, let’s do it, we’ll see how it works out and where we will be in one year’s time, etc.

The next day I had a big smile on my face, the button ‘dream’ had been pushed. To be honest I didn’t think of much else that day.. It was very busy in my head and I had to laugh about the most funny thoughts that showed up: ‘Okay, I’m just going to sell everything. Ehm, except for that one book and that nice vase. No, those as well. It’s crazy, I don’t have to decide about that now, do I? Just get used to the idea!’ And I got the most crazy thought when I took a shower: ‘So then I will not be able to wash my hair with this great shampoo from the hairdresser.’ It made me laugh: ‘Hey, who’s the backpacker? As if the hairdresser’s shampoo is something important!’

In the following days a feeling of dependency came over me, a feeling I’m allergic to I think. I quickly decided that my plans should not depend on someone else. I’m going to make my own savings plan en set my own goals. My feeling was so clear that I didn’t hesitate one second: I’m going to travel around the world in 2018. Solo or duo, I don’t care. In my next blog I will tell more about myself, but when something enters my mind I can be really impulsive and go for it for 100%! What happens when I’m in that modus? A lot! You will read about it in my next blog..




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