When I left I sent this message: ‘I’m heading for Ghent now.

I’m going by myself and will join two friends who’ve been there all day.. I have no idea for how long they will stay, so I may join you or not, I don’t know yet. Both options are fine with me.’ How my evening looked like? Read on..

With my linnen bag next to me, I was driving to Ghent. At that moment it felt like a mini-victory, that I had dared to choose for the unknown. Although I knew at that time that I could join my friend and her anonymous flirt. I put on music and sing along loud. Believe me, being alone is sometimes really the best. I’ll move a bit, tick on the steering wheel or move my head from left to right. Or I move the whole upper part of my body on the rhythm.

Yes, I dance in my car.
Yes, I see you staring at me.
No, I don’t care.

I don’t mind if someone sees me, because it doesn’t matter. In the past I could feel ashamed or shy and wouldn’t move at a traffic light. Until the moment I saw someone dancing in his car, which made me feel very happy. I thought: ‘He just doesn’t care, how cool!’ Since then I don’t care anymore and so I’m driving to Ghent singing and dancing. It’s only a one-hour drive, so nice! Parking went smooth and I’m arriving at the buzzing centre soon.

Have you ever been at the summerfestival of Ghent? Then I don’t need to explain. If not, a short description: everywhere in town there are stages, bars, live music, dj’s, street theater and so on. The city is crowded all over and the atmosphere is a friendly and cosy one. Can you feel it? I love it! Sometimes I have those moments that I intensely enjoy things: the atmosphere, strolling around alone, watching a group of friends toasting, meeting someone’s eyes, just ordinary things like that.. It was an evening like that!

I had to try and find my friend at the Pole Pole bar. That’s an enormous street and bar along the canal (Gras- en Korenlei) where thousands of people watch performances of live bands and dj’s. Ehm.. quite a challenge! Immediately I already met someone I knew from salsa dancing. So I could also go salsa dancing, I’m smiling. And after getting a clear description I find my friend! Cheers! With a delicious mogito in my hand I’m meeting the anonymous flirt of my friend too. After the Caribbean sounds from the Pole Pole bar and some drinks and chats we move on to the Poeljemarkt with dj’s. Great dancing there!



At the end of the evening the Facebook friend contacted me and I decided to join him for a while. They were on a square nearby. Challenge number 2 in this crowd! Especially if you haven’t seen each other for 7 years! I remember thinking: ‘Is this like Pokemon Go?’ (which I only knew from stories). Eventually we find each other. First I feel a bit uneasy introducing myself to all the nicknamed friends. It’s a cosy night of chats, dances, drinks, caps and laughing with the whole group. Felt good!

I enjoyed myself and I like the combination of being out on my own and having the freedom to do and go wherever I want in the company of a group of friends! The Facebook friend only checked now and then if I was all right. He followed his own plans, which I liked! Some men want to be next to you the whole evening. That quickly makes me rebellious. Maybe I exaggerate by comparing it with a buzzing mosquito, waving your arms to get rid of it? The feeling of detachment now made me think.. well, let’s say: I’ll change ‘Facebook friend’ to ‘nice man’. I love spontaneous acts and this certainly was one! A night with a golden lining.

Following your heart sometimes happens consciously and other times it doesn’t. This time I made a conscious decision and it led to so much more. With surprising turns..

Getting curious?


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