My father was an English teacher, my brother translates books but I have my mothers’ sense of language, so…

Languages ​​have never been my strongest side. t took me a long while before I could quickly switch between Dutch and English. I can now get by in English very well and even experienced I started thinking in English. But sometimes I still I feel insecure while I’m talking to other English speaking people, especially when it’s their mother tongue. So I don’t translate this blog myself, let that be clear 🙂 All credits go to my brother and my best friend, I’m very grateful for their help.

As I’ve mentioned before, curiosity is one of my characteristics. Whenever I’m in a foreign country, I’m very curious. I pay attention to facades of buildings and posters and try to figure out the meaning of the words I come across. It’s fun! During the first few years of high school I was pretty fanatic with my French (and German) homework. This has left me with a small, but stable fundamental.

However Spanish… It sounds beautiful, I dance to Spanish songs on a weekly basis, but oh…all the conjugations. When I had a taste of this, a deep sigh escaped.

A good friend made me some cheat sheets with the most common verbs, I use the app Duolingo for my pronunciation and vocabulary and I try to translate my favourite Spanish songs. In addition, I received the book Spanish for Dummies from a colleague and got two children’s learning methods. So the equipment is not the problem 😉

Nevertheless, I’m suffering from postponement behaviour. Working on a blog, practice playing my guitar and so on and so on… I therefore decided to block specific time slots in my schedule and just do some old-fashioned studying. The time has come to go full speed ahead!

Or does anyone have the golden tip?

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