After the consternation in the morning little Martha is still stable and so we decide to let the games go on in the afternoon.

This attention is good for the children and for us it’s a welcome distraction! What did we do? And why did I decide to join a church service?

Before we started the games the children first had a meeting with uncle Simon (who is the driving force behind Amecet together with Els). In this meeting they can ventilate anything that is bothering them and it’s an opportunity to solve problems between individuals. Very good I think!

They were very happy to hear about the games and they became especially fanatic when playing the games involving water and balloons. In the end, the big beach balls measuring 1 meter in diameter came into play. Only the sight of it made them go crazy! And they loved the game. Without using hands and with the ball not allowed to touch the ground they had to walk in pairs around a set of pawns in a square. Backs, tummies and even heads were used and everyone succeeds! They enjoyed it and it was beautiful to watch.

In the end everybody got a cup of syrup and a bubble blower. Beforehand we had wondered if this would make them happy, but it’really turns out to be a party! Everybody is enthusiastically blowing bubbles and the little ones crow with delight! Great!! What a nice close-down!!

Most of the children say a neat ‘thank you’ and after having cleaned everything we can join the spaghetti meal on the porch. Mmm.. and how cosy to have a meal all together on the porch.

Before dinner I take a look at Martha, but she appears to be quite stable. After dinner I watched her again. Her fontanel is still clearly visible and doesn’t seem to have healed since this morning, despite the ORS and infuses. Her twin sister Esther has the fever and she has not been feeling well since a couple of days. So sad! It’s such a sweety! I’m very tired and want to go to bed early, but it’s the first time that I go to sleep with a feeling that is less relaxed. My hopes are that the electricity will keep running, so that we can continue to give her oxygen. I really wish Martha is going to pass the night.

When I came into my room and put something on the cabinet next to my bed, all of a sudden a beast ran in all directions. A little mouse! He ran under my bed. Until now I had been the only person who did not have a mouse in her room and I was actually fine with that.. Eventually I could force him to go under the door and after that I put a cloth on the floor there. It probably doesn’t help, but at least I like the idea. When I went to the toilet there was also a small frog jumping around. I have to laugh about it, but I actually don’t like all that running and jumping.. Today is the day and night of the African challenges I guess!

I’m getting up in time, because today I’m going to church with the children. Not because I’m religious, but because I’m curious about how a church service in Africa looks like. Will it really swing as you see in some movies? A band and choir are singing and it swings immediately! The place is full of people and we are packed on wooden benches, very warm. In the first half hour the people are singing, dancing and jumping! Fantastic! The preaching is in English, but it goes so fast that I can’t quite follow it. Still, it’s a nice experience! The christian belief is a very important part of life here. An image that I will always remember is that of an adult man who was jumping very intensely, as a child that has scored the winning goal for the first time. Wow, I’m impressed..

When Els picks us up she tells us that she does have malaria, 2+. Yesterday, her test turned out to be positive, so this morning she did another test. It explains a lot. She had been shivering in bed and enjoyed the warmth inside the car. I myself found drops of sweat on my forehead. What a difference! Also baby Esther has the fever again and it appears she has malaria. Also baby Martha has a bit of fever. So we have to keep an eye on them! It’s quite bizar how ‘normal’ it is here to have malaria. Children and colleagues are diagnosed with it continuously. I‘m taking in malarone and I’m very happy with that.

Although it’s busy and as a result there are more concerns, it’s still going well. I help wherever I can and that feels good. I will go to work again now and take care of the little ones. We hope that the medicines will do what they are supposed to do and that everyone will feel better soon!




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